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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  August 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a day after the dow drops nearly 635 points, how world markets are reacting. and an innocent victim of a deadly shooting just 3 years old. the tribute tonight to an east bay toddler. good morning, it's tuesday, august 9. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. nice tuesday. it's a little early. 4:30. >> it's hard to get going. >> it was nicer than i expected. >> fog lovers rejoice! even a little drizzle at the
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coast. fog thick until valleys. santa rosa thick fog this morning. this afternoon we'll squeeze in some sunshine, 80s inland, plenty of 60s inside the bay. of course, we have that patchy fog back toward the coastline. more on weather coming up but elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. a single car accident westbound 580 right before 680 one right lane blocked in pleasanton. tow crews are heading to the scene. we also have roadwork in oakland and in east palo alto. we'll tell you all about that coming up. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. it is early. >> very early. [ laughter ] all right, guys, thanks much. it's 4:31 in fact. well, you can get dizzy watching the stock markets today. european markets opened higher this morning but now down sharply in. asia they started way down but staged a bit of recovery. japan's nikkei closed 1.7% lower and hong kong's hang seng lost 5.7% on the day but
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shanghai's index closed less than one point lower. in new york stock futures are down all over the place this morning after the worst single day loss since 2008. and the sixth worst on record down 634 yesterday, 635 or 5.5%. not good. >> and in the meantime americans are seeing their 401(k) portfolios plummet. a lot of investors decided to drop their stocks in favor of other investments including u.s. government bonds. that meant a heavy trading day on wall street as we all saw, 9.7 billion shares changing hands. but experts say this is not the time for a panic sale. >> sellers were selling really without any price limits, open market orders. that usually is a sign of fear or a sign of panic and really that's the worst way to sell a stock. >> i don't know if this is a correction or if it's going to go for a deep bear market or something. so yeah, it's a concern.
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>> ultimately it will come back. we just have to have patience and faith. >> i'm buying again. >> on the big board yesterday, 69 stocks fell for every one that rose. the federal reserve meets today. investors will be watching very closely to see if it makes any moves in order to stimulate economic growth. the central bank's key interest rates already at nearly 0. the chairman ben bernanke has hinted he might take additional steps. there may be a sliver of a silver lining to this stock market plunge. gas prices could soon drop. crude traders often look at stock prices as a barometer for overall investor confidence and forecasters say the national average could fall as much as 35 cents per gallon in the next month. 4:33 now. a 3-year-old boy is dead after getting caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting in east oakland. kristy seifkin joins us now to explain what happened. kristy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, frank. it was just after 1 p.m. that the boy's family was walking along international boulevard near 64th and that's when they had actually had a car drive by on that street a couple of men walking ahead of them and they fired 15 bullets at a minimum at those two men ahead of them and that's when their boy, a 3-year-olds was shot in the neck. -- a 3-year-old, was shot in the neck. that boy was rushed to children's hospital in oakland where he later died. the victim's family had just moved into a house on havens court boulevard in oakland and were out shopping when the boy was shot. >> they are dealing with the pain and suffering of losing a child. i think as a parent, there is nothing more traumatic than having a baby that hasn't done anything to anyone losing his life and that's a sad moment. >> reporter: police say that the shooting stemmed from an ongoing feud between two parties but they wouldn't say if they think that it's gang- related. the two men targeted in the
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shooting have not yet been identified and sustained only minor injuries. this shooting happened just days after opd brought back 22 of its officers. some of the force was put on tactical alert after that shooting and some of the day watch units were held over to patrol the area. the mayor's office has also reached out for federal assistance asking for help with the increasing violence in west and east oakland. police don't have a motive for this shooting. there will be a vigil tonight at 7 p.m. at international and 64th where the shooting happened in honor of carlos. back to you. >> thank you, kristy seifkin live in oakland. the hayward man accused of running down a child last thursday night goes to court this afternoon. 21-year-old andrew alan vargas is facing felonies including hit-and-run and drunk driving with injuries. police say he was going the wrong way in downtown san francisco when he hit a 9-year- old boy from philadelphia in a crosswalk and then a number of cars on the street.
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pleasanton police say they have solved that 1984 cold case murder of 40-year-old tina faels. the breakthrough came last year when the fbi expected dna evidence with technology that wasn't available at the time. the suspect is steven john carlson. he is a classmate of tina's who was killed when she was 16 years old. the interim mayor of san francisco has made it official. we like to remove the word interim from -- he would like to remove the word "interim" from his title. he filed papers for the election for san francisco mayor. when he was appointed in january he said he had no intention of staying in office long term but since has had a change of heart. >> there's a change and a tone, a tone change in city hall, one that kind of makes me feel pretty good about being mayor. >> lee promptly took part in a debate last night and he was a clear target of the other mayoral candidates. as poll shows he is the front-
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runner. -- a cbs poll shows he is the front runner. >> are you going to step down because you lied to the board of supervisors and are in that office under false pretenses? >> and here's a look at why lee may have been hesitant. look at this -- about being mayor of san francisco. there was a heckler confronting him earlier in the day. when the man refused to be quiet, deputies dragged him away. 4:37 now. bart expects to run normally this morning after a glitch last night forced a full shutdown for nearly three hours. quite a mess. the problem started around 7:30. a spokesman says a network router issue was causing incorrect displays at the operations control center. essentially, trains were moving but controllers could not see where they were. so they decided to off-load passengers at the nearest station. >> we just got out of the ballgame. we're tired. we won but we're ready to go home now. >> i can't afford a cab to pay those prices to go to the east
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bay. so we're stuck here. >> we're stuck. >> it was all day. it was a great mall actually. so i'm tired. i want to go home, eat. >> they eventually got home. overnight technicians have been trying to pinpoint the cause but they don't expect any more disruptions in the service. that would be frustrating. all night at the ballgame and you want to go home and you're like, oh, stuck. 4:38. lawrence trying to be a crowd pleaser today. >> a little potpourri in the weather department but i have to hand it to you, lawrence. you delivered. i went to lafayette yesterday, gorgeous on the bay and the east bay was spectacular. >> that's the great thing about living in the bay area. you can really pick and choose your own kind of weather. if you like it cooler, head toward the coastline. you like the warm stuff, just have to go a few miles inland and heat up in a hurry sometimes 50-degree difference between the coast and some of the interior valleys. fog this morning, visibilities down to a quarter mile right now towards santa rosa so watch out for that. a little thick at the coastline. a couple of patches of drizzle
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out there, as well. temperatures right now generally in the 50s across the board. you do have clear skies right now in san jose. so not as cloudy as it was yesterday morning. by the afternoon, though, here comes that sunshine again. and if you like the warmer stuff 85 degrees in livermore, 58 in fairfield, 80 degrees and sunny in san jose. cooler at the coastline, 62 in pacifica with that patchy fog. next few days, high pressure will continue to slowly build in. that means the temperatures are going to be warming up as we head in toward next weekend. that's a look at weather. let's talk to elizabeth about traffic. westbound 580 before 680 at the dublin interchange, we have an accident blocking lanes. tow crews are on scene now. it was blocking the right lane. not seeing any slowing. not even 5 a.m., though, so that may have something to do with it. fine past the coliseum northbound. we have some roadwork on
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northbound 880 between oak and 980 various lanes blocked. flight at oakland airport? no problems from the macarthur maze down. more roadwork this time in east palo alto. northbound 101 between university and marsh until 5 a.m. so that's when most of our overnight roadwork wraps up. across the bay bridge, starting to get crowded on the upper deck heading to san francisco but no upper deck roadwork. where you will find it is on the lower deck towards oakland not causing major delays and if you are coming up along the peninsula, one more live camera. here's live look near bayshore coming into downtown san francisco, good to go on 101 and 280. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. a man beat when a baseball bat. up ahead, the hate crime investigation here in san francisco. and two kids allegedly tied up malnourished and injured. the child cruelty arrest that happened in solano county and why the child's mother says don't believe my son. and why great america in
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santa clara is being sued all because of a photograph. ah yes. there it is. the "mystery spot". not a mammal in this householling to lay claim to its origin. we may never know. let that sink in, people. we may never know. but now? now is not the time for blame. now is the time for action. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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vallejo. two young children are recovering from cuts, bruises and burns blamed on a man and woman in vallejo. police say the victims are a 5- year-old boy and his 4-year-old sister. neighbors at their apartment complex in vallejo called police anonymously to say that the boy was pleading for help and saying he feels being abused. child protective services told police about the injuries. >> the children had rope burns, bruises, lacerations with stitches. >> so someone literally stitched up the children? >> that's correct. >> you have a sense of what they were stitched with? >> thread and needle. >> my girlfriend has taken paramedics college lessons. i trusted her enough to sew it up so i didn't have to worry
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about another bill. >> police have arrested the girlfriend of the children's mother and her adult son. she says the kids are lying and no one touches the kids but her. the bodies of 30 u.s. troops killed over the week end in afghanistan will arrive in the u.s. today. 22 why navy seals. 36-year-old kevin houston has relatives in san jose and 29- year-old derek benson is a native of napa county. benson an angwin native, long before he became a seal his grandmother taught him how to swim. >> and i threw him in. and he spit and sputtered around, and he came out and i said, you're going to learn to swim. >> benson's family will bury him in san diego, that's where he became a seal. police are investigating an attack in san francisco that appears to be a hate crime.
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they say a 52-year-old santa barbara man was struck with a baseball bat by three teenagers this near market and sanchez streets. the victim told san francisco police the attackers yelled a homophobic slur. investigators say the attack happened saturday night but the victim waited until the next afternoon to report it. the suspects still at large. two men are suing the great america amusement park saying a picture of them was displayed in a humiliating way. the suit cites an incident nearly three years ago beginning with a ride on a roller coaster. afterwards, the two men declined to purchase the picture showing them holding hands and later friends discovered that same photograph on display at a different ride with a thought bubble that contained a derogatory phrase. 4:45 now. lawyers for barry bonds are trying to again have his obstruction of justice conviction thrown out of court. they argue that federal prosecutors are inventing new legal theories to sustain a
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verdict. the government lawyers have said a judge should honor the jury's conclusion that bonds gave a deliberately rambling answer when asked if he ever got injections from a trainer. a hearing is set for august 26. hundreds of san francisco buses will soon get new surveillance cameras. "the examiner" reports muni landed a $6 million federal grant to buy cameras that offer wireless realtime access to footage. as it stands now, cameras record on a tape that's kept on the bus but in a 2009 audit, they found those surveillance equipment of more than 20% of outfitted buses and trains were nonfunctional. 4:46. coming up, the geekiest places in america and the bay area cities that are big geeks, i guess, huh? they made the list. >> sometimes that's a good thing. [ laughter ] and her secrets are out. the tape recordings are out who jackie onassis feels were
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behind the assassination of her husband. why you can blame your ancestors for all that comfort food. >> that looks good. if you are traveling around the u.s., you are going to find some clouds out there this morning, low clouds, yup, and 68 degrees into sfo. but we are planning on some sunshine making your way across the country but as pull into the chicago area, it gets stormy. and the possibility of some thunderstorms, temperatures not bad. 83 degrees. going to have to watch out for some delays there. also into new york a little bumpy, too, expecting some thunderstorms erupting there, about 85 degrees, possibility of delays in new york, as well. more on your local weather coming up. montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband,
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starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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parliament from its summer break... to deal with the riots in welcome back. can you believe this? this is british prime minister david cameron. david cameron celebrating a deal with these riots that happened in london. the violence is going on for
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three days. 450 people are arrested. he is tripling the number of police on the streets. he had over 6,000 cops on the street. it didn't matter. he called the scenes of mayhem sickening but refraining from calling in the military. a british tabloid reports jacqueline kennedy onassis believed vice president lyndon johnson was responsible for her husband's assassination. according to the "daily mail," mrs. onassis believed that accused assassins lee harvey oswald was part of a larger conspiracy which included johnson. the tabloid claims there are secretly recorded tapes from jackie o. she also admits to affairs with actor william holden and an italian tycoon in retaliation for jfk's affairs. 4:50 now. it's official. last month was hotter than usual across the country according to a new government report. july was the fourth hottest month on record here on the planet. in the past 30 days, more than 3700 high temperature reports
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have been set or tied across the nation especially down in the southwest. yeah, across the deep south, of course, here in the bay area we have been cooler than normal. we have a trough along the west coast keeping those temperatures down a bit but things beginning to change as high pressure starting to build in now out of the southwest. still we have some low clouds and fog again this morning. some of that very thick up in toward santa rosa and out toward the coastline a couple of patches of drizzle as well but more sunshine toward the afternoon. out the door, patchy fog interior. partly cloudy skies inside the bay, clear at san jose. cloudy skies at the coast with fog and drizzle. still, by the afternoon more sunshine today. temperatures will be warming up probably sneaking into the 90s in some of the hottest spots inland. inside the bay 60s and 70s. 80s towards the santa clara valley. 50s and 60s at the coastline with more fog. still, looks like temperatures
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rather uniform. 54 degrees in pacifica, 55 livermore, clear there in livermore. 58 in concord. 51 degrees in santa rosa with the fog. if you do plan on traveling around the state, you will find the heat in sacramento at 90 degrees sunny there. 97 in fresno and about 92 in yosemite. so high pressure building in out of the southwest. this is going to slowly creep back in toward the bay area. so day after day we're going to watch some warming but still we have a mix of sun and fog, still an onshore breeze so can't get away from the low clouds yet. but as the ridge builds in, that means less fog each day. plan on 80 degrees in san jose, beautiful. 77 in fremont.75 in san mateo. 91 brentwood. 85 degrees in livermore for today. you get the idea we are working on a nice day. just have to get through the low clouds and fog early on. then plenty of sunshine coming our way even in the north bay. about 78 in sonoma, 78 santa
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rosa, 76 novato. next couple of days, warmer weather is on the way. looks like we are going to have the slow warming trend as we head in toward the weekend. by that time, temperatures could be in the mid-90s by saturday and sunday in the warmest spots. that's a look at weather. traffic time now with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. and let's go out live. we have our photographer. he is all set and ready to go. this is 101 near the capitol expressway. so as you can see, things are very light right now, taillights, that's northbound traffic. quick trip all the way towards santa clara. thank you. let's go to our maps. we have a wider view of the south bay. 101 and 280 look good, no major issues or roadwork across the stretch. coming up the guadalupe parkway, you are fine. there is some roadwork on highway 17 as you make your way through the santa cruz mountains. sounds like one lane is block until 5:00 this morning. should be wrapping up here shortly. heading back out to pleasanton, this is where we had that earlier accident westbound 580 right before 680. that accident is now out of lanes. may still be some activity on
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the shoulder. bay bridge westbound 80 traffic looks great all the way down the eastshore freeway towards the maze. that's actually about an 18- minute drive. no roadwork on the upper deck. you will find some crews out there on the lower deck. again, various lanes blocked. this should be wrapping up shortly. all right. westbound 237, you can't really see much, can you? but everything is moving okay for your silicon valley ride. not sure what happened to our camera there. golden gate bridge no issues. a little foggy out there. and a little bit of slow traffic through novato all the way down into san rafael. ongoing roadwork across that stretch until september actually. so your drive time, 12 minutes between highway 37 and 580. mass transit on time. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a little dark there, huh? >> okay. 4:54. the heart of the silicon valley is the geekiest metro area in the united states. that's according to the latest list from the u.s. national
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science foundation. let's take a peek. the san jose, sunnyvale, santa clara area ranks first with 18.2% of their entire workforce in science, technology, engineering or mathematics professions. the vally is followed by boulder, colorado, framingham, massachusetts, huntsville, alabama, and on the outskirts of the silicon valley, the san francisco-san mateo-redwood city area. congratulations, you're the number 19th good eveningiest area in the country. >> not bad. >> no. >> huntsville is the nasa thing. that's good. researchers are discovering how genes make some people smarter than others. a new study in the journal "nature" finds intelligence is not connected to one gene but, rather, a lot of small genetic variations. scientists estimate that these genetic variations account for about 50% of the differences in intelligence from one person to another. contrary to how they are marketed, it appears soy supplements do not help treat
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symptoms of menopause. miami researchers tested almost 250 women and found the pills did not reduce bone loss, improve sleep or ease hot flashes. doctors have been looking for alternative treatments for menopause ever since studies showed estrogen can increase the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular problems. an electronic implant that eases tremors in parkinson's patients can last for at least 10 years. the device, dbs, is implanted in the brain and the battery pack sends electricity into an area involved in motor function and that stops the tremors. the implant became popular in the late '90s but it was unclear at the time how long it would last. apparently not everyone is feeling the economic pinch. mcdonald's says a key revenue gauge up 5% last month. the fast food giant saw better sales of coffee and some of their staples like those yummy chicken mcnuggets. >> i like the hot sauce. >> there is a reason why we
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reach for french fries or chocolate shake or piece of chocolate when we're a little down and out. >> turns out fatty foods actually do make us feel better. hey, what about that. scientists said people look at pictures of sad people and listen to sad music while being fed through a tube. brain scans show that people who got a saline solution got depressed! those who got a fatty solution did not get sad. scientists think that those findings can be traced to our ancestors who needed fat to survive. >> how excited are you when you get this juicy cheeseburger in front of you and some chili fries and you're starting to eat it? after you eat it, then you get depressed. >> i like how we always talk about cheeseburgers so early in the morning. >> we're going to have to have a burger tomorrow. it is 4:57. it's very early. [ laughter ] >> they are coming back to be laid to rest. >> the somber homecoming for the 30 americans killed in afghanistan two with ties to
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the bay area. and all eyes are once again on wall street today after the worst day for the u.s. markets in nearly three years. today's asian around european markets didn't do, too hot, either. i have the numbers coming up. and a 3-year-old boy is shot in the neck at international boulevard and 64th. how police say he got caught in a crossfire and what they are doing to prevent it from happening again. all that and more coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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